Name Grade
1 魔鬼々司令 11386
2 魔鬼々司令 11386
3 魔鬼々司令 11386
4 魔鬼々司令 11386
5 魔鬼々司令 11386
6 魔鬼々司令 11386
7 魔鬼々司令 11386
8 魔鬼々司令 11386

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More Purchase, More benefits

Event One
Period: After Maintenance – 31st January
Detail: One single recharge reaches a certain amount, Gain Super Soldiers Pack.
One single purchase between 0 and 100 USD, each 10 USD equals one pack.
One single purchase between 101 and 200 USD, each 8 USD equals one pack.
One single purchase more than 201 USD, each 6 USD equals one pack.

For example: If you have recharged 100 USD at one time, you will get 10 packs.
If you have recharged 200 USD at one time, you will get 25 packs.

One Super Soldiers Pack includes 1-3 super soldier cards By Random.


Event Two:Return of the Keypack!
Back by popular demand, the Keypack Combos return to the Shop this weekend! If you buy one Golden Key, you’ll receive a Silver key for free.
Duration:January 12th-18th
What’s on sale?

Visit the Shop soon! The Keypack Combos will only be here from January 12th, 00:00 to January 18th, 23:59:59PST server time.

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