Name Grade
1 魔鬼々司令 11386
2 魔鬼々司令 11386
3 魔鬼々司令 11386
4 魔鬼々司令 11386
5 魔鬼々司令 11386
6 魔鬼々司令 11386
7 魔鬼々司令 11386
8 魔鬼々司令 11386

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Valentine’s Day Event (Team Battle against Boss)

Event : Team Battle against the Boss Noinclude

Background: Look for the lover, defend the tyrant Noinclude

Period: Feb 8th- 15th

Detail: Set team battle against tyrant Noinclude of Level 30, 60, 80, with the drop of rose pedals, cocoa beans, milk and the other stuffs.
Chasm of Despair ——Razorwind Bridge
Seid Highland ——Stormy Stream
Frozen Ossuary ——Everfrost River

Note: 1. Higher the boss level is, higher chances you can get items.

2. Cocoa beans are tradable, pedals/roses/ milk is not.

3. Only Boss at level 80 will drop Cupid’s Arrow, if you are so lucky.

Add 2 new transmutation lists( Valentine’s Chocolate and Rose).

5.png 6.png

1. Roses are used for collecting and exchanging, if you collect enough roses, you can click Valentine’s Day NPC to exchange items.

8.png 9.png

10.png 11.png

12.png 13.png

14.png 15.png

100/200/300 roses exchange for a ring (level 30/60/80)

100/200/300 roses exchange for a necklace (level 30/60/80)

800 roses exchange for Cupid’s Arrow.

800 roses exchange for Valentine’s Diamond.

2. Valentine’s Chocolate can be clicked and open to get items.
Three roses, purple rings/ necklaces of level 60, orange rings/necklaces, Cupid’s arrow will bet get from chocolate.

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