Name Grade
1 魔鬼々司令 11386
2 魔鬼々司令 11386
3 魔鬼々司令 11386
4 魔鬼々司令 11386
5 魔鬼々司令 11386
6 魔鬼々司令 11386
7 魔鬼々司令 11386
8 魔鬼々司令 11386

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Service Time:From Monday to Friday

New Feature—Zombies on board

Background: This evil strength invading gradually with the evil spirit they represent, try to devour the whole orders and rules in the world. As the werewolves were perished, there comes a group of zombies, approaching the Masure mainland, stepping on the COG mainland.

Can you hear the terrifying screams?  Step on your way, warriors! Enclosure your homeland, defend the zombies!

Feature: Add a battle, NPCs attack the mainland, it will drop gifts if players stopped the NPCs

: Every Sunday, Preparation period: 12:00-13:59PST

Start time: 14:00 PST

Rewards: it will drop gifts if players defeat the NPCs, the NPC level and difficulty will increases as the occupying time get longer, as well as the rewards.

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