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1 魔鬼々司令 11386
2 魔鬼々司令 11386
3 魔鬼々司令 11386
4 魔鬼々司令 11386
5 魔鬼々司令 11386
6 魔鬼々司令 11386
7 魔鬼々司令 11386
8 魔鬼々司令 11386

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Purgatory Abyss

There exists the most perilous monsters and gods pent in COG prison. If you arrive level 60, you can command your troops to conquer the Purgatory Abyss and gain the super rewards.
Boss LOOT: all red gems, new red/orange/purple equipments, transmutation items and other things.

1. How to go to the Purgatory Abyss?
First of all, you may join in an alliance, click the NPC called Pathfinder and choose the “Purgatory Abyss” Button.
Each one can enter the Purgatory Abyss twice at most. The First one of each day is free, the other will cost 5 gold or coupons.
If you lose in Purgatory Abyss and you want continue to have a try, you may need to revive. And it will also cost 5 gold or coupons. Revive only recovers the chance for challenge.

Purgatory Abyss
1. This shows the monsters and boss’s level, strength, LOOT and the room.
2. This shows your troops and deploy, inventory and other things.
3. Living Light: This item can increase your recovery when you use this item.
Recovery 1-50%: each one item increase 1%
Recovery 51-60%: each two items increase 1%
Recovery 61-70%: each three items increase 1%
Recovery 71-80%: each four items increase 1%
Recovery 81-90%: each five items increase 1%
Each Living Light cost

If you think it is ok, click start and enter the battle.

Auto Challenge
Choose the Auto Challenge, click start and enter the auto battle.
1. Auto Challenge
Each battle need 60 seconds for cool down, and the cooldown time can’t be shorten or cleared.
If your troop’s strength is not enough, the auto battle will be stop.
And if you auto battle the top room your arrived by your manual, the auto challenge will also stop.
Otherwise, VIP can use automatic army replenishment in order to guarantee you have enough strength.

Now the Purgatory Abyss has 4 layers, called Arrogance, Envy, Wrath, Sloth.
Each layer has 25 rooms and every 5, 10, 15, 20 room lived mini boss, the 25 room lived big boss. Only to beat the big boss, you can go to the next layer.
Next time we will release more layers.

Purgatory Abyss has its rank. You can check your position in this rank.

Super Rewards:
Boss Loot:
All red gem:   5.jpg
New red equipment:

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