Name Grade
1 魔鬼々司令 11386
2 魔鬼々司令 11386
3 魔鬼々司令 11386
4 魔鬼々司令 11386
5 魔鬼々司令 11386
6 魔鬼々司令 11386
7 魔鬼々司令 11386
8 魔鬼々司令 11386

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Service Time:From Monday to Friday

Events for the opening of S1 Yggdrasil

Golden Summoner:
Add ANY amount of Gold in the brand new server to receive a special Summoner’s Pack, containing:
3 Summoning Horns to give a chance to get better heroes
1 Golden Key
1 Silver Key to unlock chests containing powerful equipment!
[Note]This event is not repeatable.  

Orange Fever:
Orange heroes are the strongest in the game, period! Their stellar stats give you the winning edge you need to compete in the Arena and plunder your neighbors’ Castles. Buy Gold for a FREE chance to summon an Orange hero! When you add 100 Gold to your account (accumulative), you’ll receive a Book of Astrology worth 50 Gold for FREE!
[Note]This event is not repeatable.  

Dungeon Master:
Dungeon crawl for free skillbooks – if your heroes can survive long enough! Complete Dungeon Goals in the Dungeon, and you’ll AUTOMATICALLY receive free Skillbooks for your heroes!

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